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Merchants Corner is a shared work and education place, home to the University of Winnipeg Urban and Inner-City Studies Department (UIC), University of Winnipeg Student Association (UWSA), and Community Education Development Association (CEDA).

University of Winnipeg Urban and Inner-City Studies Department (UIC)

Urban and Inner-City Studies is an interdisciplinary Major concerned with the examination of the city as a dynamic environment. The department's unique location in Merchants Corner serves as a gateway for North End residents to enter the University of Winnipeg and as a place for the larger UWinnipeg student body to connect to and learn from the North End community.

The program combines a traditional urban studies focus with courses that examine various aspects of the inner city, such as the urban Indigenous experience, the immigrant and refugee experience, and the role of women. Students examine the political, economic, social and spatial context of important aspects of urban change from an interdisciplinary perspective. The aim is to bring Indigenous and non-Indigenous students together in a small, diverse, safe and interactive learning environment.


In this video, students and faculty describe  a unique university experience that is best described as "reconciliation in action".  

University of Winnipeg Student Association (UWSA)

The University of Winnipeg Student Association mission is to provide advocacy, services and support to students at the University of Winnipeg. The UWSA engages campus (student, faculty, administration), community (local, grassroots, non-profit) and government (municipal, provincial, federal) to create an accessible, inclusive, democratic post-secondary education system in which students can reach their full potential.  


Community Education Development Association (CEDA)

Community Education Development Association is a community-based organization based out of Merchants Corner and dedicated to serving students and families, teachers and school administration in Winnipeg. CEDA provides hundreds of youth with academic, financial, social and one-on-one supports towards academic achievement, high school graduation and post-secondary education opportunities. Through dynamic and progressive programming, CEDA helps neighbourhood students reach their full potential, break the cycle of poverty, and create long-term positive changes in our community. 

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