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Merchants Corner is a community-led revitalization project for the social, economic and cultural renewal of the North End neighbourhoods. Over 50 Elders and representatives from local groups, agencies, organizations, and businesses guided the development of Merchants Corner. Merchants Corner was established with the vision to ensure people are able to learn and share diverse knowledge, are safely housed, and feel a sense of connection and belonging. Merchants Corner is rooted in the North End community and follows these principles of community-led development:

MCI grand opening.jpeg

1. Co-operative connection between groups and facilities in the community and collaborative

partnerships that build on strengths and the wellbeing of the community. 

2. Mixed use facilities including residential, educational, retail and community components.

3. Sustainability on all levels including economic, environmental, social and cultural; mindfulness of community wellness and spiritual wholeness.

4. Community Economic Development (CED) Principles including developing local resources, an inclusive process, holism, collaboration and sustainability.

5. Intergenerational opportunities for people of all ages and stages of life including elders, youth, adults, children and families.

6. Universal accessibility of all facilities. 


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